Winemaker Dinners

Chef Russell Dean Lowell, "A chef to the winemakers" - Washington Tasting Room Magazine

Barely a mile beyond the dense winery districts of Woodinville is an oasis in the midst of fast food chains and freeway interchanges.  For years, locals have been pouring in to Russell’s Restaurant and Bar in the eastside community of Bothell to recharge over splendid food served in a relaxed, laid-back setting.  A place to stay and linger over wine.

“Wine is a food group,” declares owner and head chef Russell Dean Lowell, a true believer in the beauty of food and wine as a combination.  “Once you’ve had a glass of wine with a meal, you realize what you’re missing when it’s not included.  The trend I’m seeing is that people will have a glass or two of wine with a plate of food and skip dessert.  It’s just part of dinner.” - Tasting Room Magazine